Vision, Mission and Core Values


To actively lead in corporate insurance solutions and to be the insurer of choice for the community.

  • Actively: We pursue our goals proactively with spirit and passion.
  • Lead: We maintain our leading position in the local corporate business market.
  • Corporate: We are a strong market player with big corporate clients.
  • Solutions: We can tailor solutions to meet specific needs of corporate clients.
  • Insurer of choice: To be the household name of corporate and retail clients and distribution channels for insurance protection.
  • Community: The Community encompasses employees, policyholders, shareholders, distribution channels and their families as well as the public.


Our mission is to provide relevant and accessible protection for what is precious to corporate and retail policyholders.

  • Relevant: Anticipating or fulfilling a need or opportunity with tailored and innovative solutions to meet specific needs.
  • Accessible: Simple, easy to understand and always available at a competitive price for the value.
  • Protection: Providing peace of mind through insurance to policyholders when they need it most.
  • Precious: Insuring what is valuable to policyholders, whether monetary or non-monetary, and to be treated with care.
  • Corporate and Retail: From large corporate enterprises to individuals and their families.


Conduct with Care

We conduct our business with the utmost care to protect the interests of our stakeholders and the community. By serving with commitment, integrity and accountability, we strive to build mutual trust and long-term relationships.

Customers Come First

We deliver on our promise of a satisfactory customer experience. We make ourselves accessible and available for our customers’ peace of mind. We put them first so we can become their choice of insurer.

Prioritise our People

We focus on developing and empowering our people to make them enablers of positive change in the company and community. We provide an environment that promotes teamwork, collective learning and a rewarding career.

Pursue Possibilities

We seek to continuously innovate on the current situation to arrive at something better. We approach every problem with a creative lens to test the limits and go beyond.


We are fully committed to the fight against financing of terrorism, opposing any conduct that could be supportive of these crimes. To uphold this commitment, we have put in place internal policies and procedures with regard to the mitigating measures that the Company implements in order to appropriately manage the Terrorism Financing and International Sanctions risks towhich the Company is exposed.


We are fully committed to conduct our business with the highest level of ethics and integrity. Hence, we have adopted a zero-tolerance approach against all forms of fraud committed within or outside the Company.


We are fully committed toward ensuring that personal data are properly processed and privacy rights of data subjects are respected. In this regard, we have incorporated the data protection principles governing the processing of personal data, as required by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, in our Code of Conduct as our guiding principles in protecting the personal data processed by us from any loss, misuse, modification, unauthorised or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.